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Transport links to Hadrian's Wall

Wall and Lakes cottage, Brampton, Transport link to Hadrian’s Wall

We are often asked how near to Hadrian’s Wall is the cottage and what transport can be used? So, I thought I would share the following to show you how easy transport is to/from The Wall.

As you will see there are a variety of transport options, and many people link these together walking different sections of the wall.  Perhaps walking to Lanercost or taking public transport, own vehicle or a taxi to another starting point and walking a section of The Wall before going back to their starting point.   Basing yourself at The Wall and Lakes holiday cottage will mean you have your own private, cosy cottage with options to spend days exploring, walking, and resting in a beautiful location, before moving on to complete the rest of your Hadrian’s Wall adventure. 

Reference point


Approximate, distance from Wall & Lakes holiday cottage, Brampton


Carlisle (Sands Centre)

10 miles



6 miles


Bleatarn Farm

6 miles



3 miles



4 miles


Lanercost Exit

2.5 miles



3.5 miles



8 miles



10 miles


Cawfields Quarry

13 miles


Steel Rigg (Once Breawed Exit)

14 miles



17 miles


As you can see from above, we are very close with access to several different starting points, dependent upon the route you decide to take, or which sections you wish to explore.  

Transport:   There is a wide range of transport options, here are some ideas: --

Arriva/Stagecoach, buses 685: www.arrivabus.co.uk  OR www.stagecoachbus.com

To/From, daily/frequent, Newcastle, Heddon-On-The-Wall; Corbridge, Hexham, Haltwhistle (stopping in Brampton and many villages along the way) and Carlisle.  Nearby bus stops at The Sands, just off Tree Road and from Brampton, Market Place.

TRAINS:  Brampton (Cumbria) Station | Trains to Brampton (Cumbria) & Times | Northern (northernrailway.co.uk)  OR https://www.thetrainline.com

There are regular trains between Newcastle and Carlisle, with many stopping off at key points along the Hadrian’s Wall route, such as Corbridge, Hexham, Haltwhistle and Carlisle.

You can walk to Brampton station from your holiday cottage, along Tree Road, turn right onto Station Road and then take the footpath, just before the garage, along ‘The Dandy’.  It will take you approximately 30 minutes to walk along this path.  Alternatively, you can get a quick taxi which will take less than 10 minutes.  There is also some parking at Brampton railway station if you choose to leave your car to collect on your return.

Border Rambler Buses: Bus timetable - Border Rambler BR1 | Cumbria County Council

These buses generally run over the summer months on a couple of days each week.  They are very convenient when travelling from Carlisle and through some of the small villages in the direction of Brampton, such as Newton and they tend to stop at Carlisle Airport (which is a couple of miles from Brampton), from here you can easily get a taxi or organise a lift into Brampton:  Please check the Cumbria County Council Website for their up-to-date timetable.


AD122:  Hadrian’s Wall Buses: Hadrian's Wall Country Bus AD122 - Hexham to Haltwhistle | Go North East

Travelling between many of the key points on Hadrian’s Wall through Haltwhistle, Greenhead and Hexham.  From Brampton you can join the AD122 using the 685 bus getting off at Greenhead or Haltwhistle or by train from Brampton to Haltwhistle or Hexham.  Many people choose to leave their own vehicles parked near to one of the AD122 bus stops and then walk a section of Hadrian’s Wall before using the buses or trains to return to their vehicle.


Local Taxi firms, include:

  • Brampton Cars: 016977 3386
  • Davison’s: 07402018151
  • Airbus 2000: 016977 3725



Then of course, some of our guests choose to use the Hadrian’s Wall Cycle Way, Route 72, which runs right through Brampton.  The cottage, with its cycle storage shed, provides a great central point from which to explore much of this cycleway.  In addition, it is often possible to take your bike on the train from Brampton Junction to different points on the route and then cycle back.  Please see the cycle section on our website for more information on Route 72 and local cycle paths.


I have included some useful transport website links so that you can check all this information before use.   

In addition, I can also recommend Hadrian's bags who are very efficient at moving your luggage when it is time for you to move on to your next accommdation, they can easily delivery your bags to the Wall and Lakes cottage or collect them from there.  Bags will be kept safe in the cottage waiting for you to arrive or for them to be collected.  https://hadriansbags.co.uk/pages/contact/

I hope you find this little blog helpful 😊

Take care.


January 2023

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